If you plan events or frequently need catering services, the Catering And Co app is perfect for you. No more calling and reviewing details over the phone, hoping that the person on the other end got everything correct. No more waiting on phone calls back or trying to confirm that everything is correct for your event. Catering And Co allows you to select all of the details for your event and then send in a request electronically.

You can download Catering And Co for Apple and Android devices.

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About Us

Catering And Co is here to help with your event needs. Our app makes it fast and easy to make and manage catering requests. With the features listed above, you’ll be able to set and confirm details of your event all in one place.


Key features of app

Events and Categories

With the Catering And Co app, you can request multiple catering events. Choose from our list of events like weddings, baby showers and birthdays, or simply select “meal” or “other” if your event doesn’t fit in our categories.

Price and our delivery fees

Before finalizing your order, you’ll receive a price based on your selections and our delivery fees. We ask that you allow 24 hours for us to review the details of your order and either confirm or decline the request based on availability.

Future Event

If you need catering services frequently, you’ll be able to see your order history in the app, too. Go back to see which menu items and preferences you selected and duplicate or tweak them for future events.

Set date and time

You’ll be able to set your date and time and then review details for everything including:
Food / Drinks / Entertainment
Waiter Preferences / Tableware / Flowers
Valet Parking Services / Furniture Rental / Tents and Closures


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Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming catering order, please give us a call. Technology is wonderful to streamline our processes, but we also know that sometimes you just need to speak to a person. We would also love to hear your feedback on our app so that we can continue to make improvements for the user experience.

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